The secret to our wildly delicious, authentically Latin food? Heritage. Pride and a true sense of adventure.

One extra step.

From the very beginning, we've always had an appreciation for Latin food and our roots. We started with a tiny restaurant and a prized recipe for chicken passed down from generation to generation. Hundreds of restaurants later, our passion remains the same: to serve the best meals possible to family and friends. That's what sets us apart from other restaurants. We aren't afraid to take the extra time to make sure our chicken is grilled perfectly, our ingredients are always fresh and our service is always friendly and inviting. Our family wouldn't have it any other way.

The Fresh Difference.

We're not your typical Latin restaurant. Everything on our menu is a modern twist on Latin American favorites. Here, spice and seasonings are tasted throughout our chicken, not just on the outside. We don't just serve sodas and tea, we serve Horchata, Jamaica and Tamarindo. Our sides are prepared in the kitchen, not a factory. And warm, delicious food is brought directly to your table and served with real plates and silverware. It's care and craft you can taste in every bite.

Our Famous Chicken - made from scratch. Loved by all.

Fried or Grilled, we always start with fresh, whole chicken just like at home. Every piece of our famous fried chicken is seasoned and prepared by hand for a golden, crispy, one-of-a-kind texture and taste. We're also fortunate to have the world's best recipe for grilled chicken, marinated and seasoned with a savory blend of citrus and Latin herbs for 12 hours.

Our Salsa Bar - a walk on the fresh side.

There's nothing like fresh salsa to complement fresh Latin flavors. Try the Pico de Gallo, Tomatillo salsa, Chipotle salsa or our special mix of onions and cilantro. There's also plenty of sauces and jalapeños to make every meal at Pollo Campero authentically delicious.